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Look Who is Coming for Dinner

July 23, 2009 | by

Mrs. Cohen sees a homeless woman outside Nordstrom's begging for some money. She asks the homeless woman, "If I gave you a 50, are you going to spend it on red wine or something?"

"No! I would never spend money on red wine or any alcohol," says the poor woman.

"Would you use it to go shopping and buy a beautiful dress?"
"Never! I stopped shopping years ago."

"Would you use it at the hairdresser?"

"I haven't had my hair done in years."
"How about the manicurist?"
"Look at my black, dirty, broken nails. I'd never waste that amount of money on my nails."

Mrs Cohen then says, "I'll give you 50 dollars on one condition: join me and my husband for dinner at a fabulous restaurant tonight."

"You must be joking," says the homeless woman. "But I stink, I'm dirty, my hair is a mess, my clothes are filthy and torn..."

"Exactly!" replies Mrs. Cohen. "I want my husband to see what I would look like if I give up, red wine, beautiful clothes and stopped visiting the manicurist and hairdresser."


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