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Mazal Tov?

July 23, 2009 | by

Outside the labor ward in an Israeli hospital sits a nervous looking man. From time to time he gets up and paces around anxiously.

Then out comes a nurse. "Mazal tov!" she exclaims. "It's a girl!"

The father's face falls then contorts into rage. He starts yelling, kicking over chairs, and overturning tables. Through the ruckus, it becomes clear that this is now his tenth daughter -- and he clearly had been hoping for a son.

The nurse runs back into the labor ward, then returns a minute later, calling the man's attention. "Sir, sir! I'm terribly sorry -- I made a mistake! It's actually a boy!"

The father ceases his tantrum, and looks impatiently at the nurse. "A boy? You're sure it's a boy?"

"Yes, sir," she replies. "Mazal tov!" And she disappears back into the labor ward.

An eerie silence descends over the wreckage of the waiting area, and the father turns smugly to a shocked bystander.

"See? See what you've gotta do if you want to get anything done in this country?"

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