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Tax Time in Chelm

July 23, 2009 | by

It was tax time in Chelm, and two of its leading citizens were having a discussion.

"I don't understand this business with taxes," said the first man. "Surely the Czar has enough money of his own. He even has his own royal mint, where he can make as many rubles as he likes. So why does he bother with my ruble?"

"Don't be silly," said the second. "Let me tell you a parable. It is said that every time a Jew performs a mitzvah, God creates an angel. So why not ask God why he needs one more angel in addition to the millions of angels he has already created? Can't God make as many angels as he likes? Of course he can! But why doesn't he? Because God prefers your angel.

"Well the same thing is true with taxes. Of course the Czar can make as many rubles as he likes. But you don't understand -- he prefers your ruble."

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