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Did you hear the one about the Rabbi?

July 23, 2009 | by

The mothers are gathered and showing their nachas. One boasts of her son, the head of a medical department; the other has a son, a judge, and a daughter, psychiatrist. One of the women is quiet through it all. Finally, they turn to her and ask: "Well, what does your son do?"

"He's a rabbi!"

"A rabbi? What kind of a profession is that for a nice Jewish boy?"


For some reason, the rabbinic profession has a PR problem in the Jewish community. Rabbis teach us, inspire us, counsel us and are there for us in our times of need. Everyone agrees, without question that the role of a rabbi is a most respected and honorable profession...for someone else. Stereotypical Jewish parents lead their children to believe that they will only be satisfied if their progeny become doctors, lawyers and for more liberal parents -- accountants as well. But what would the Jewish world be like if we didn't have rabbis? So to all of the parents out there, the new rabbinic PR campaign begins today: if one of your children happens to tell you that he wants to become a rabbi, don't say, "Oy vey," say, "Mazal tov!" Rabbis are the nicest Jewish boys around!

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