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June 24, 2009 | by

Jewlarious has a new blog, but it's like a child without a name. Be its parent and name it. It will be grateful.

This being the inaugural issue of the yet to be named Jewlarious blog, a perfect place to begin our discussion is with another first -- Pope Benedict's first visit to Israel. After some confusion, a Vatican official finally cleared the record, stating that the Pope was only a "reluctant Hitler youth." Well that's comforting. At least he wasn't an enthusiastic Hitler youth. That would have made his stay in Israel slightly awkward. But all reports indicate that the Pontiff had a raucous time in the Holy Land. Apparently, he took a day off to tour Israel, eat some shwarma at melech hafalafel and change a few Vatican Euro at the Kent Stand.

At least the Pope wasn't an enthusiastic Hitler youth.

Apparently, a hotel in Austria has said "No Jews Allowed." Not to worry – the Austrian government assures us that this has nothing to do with Anti-Semitism. In fact, some of the hotel owner's best friends are Jewish – or, were Jewish. Well, Haus Sonnenhof Apartment Hotel, you are going on the Jewlarious hit list. That's right! You know what that means?! Neither do we. But when we figure it out, we're going to come down to Tyrol Austria, strap on some lederhosen and give you a piece of our minds. And then we'll yodel.

In other anti-Semitic news, the state of Oregon will revoke a personalized license plate deemed anti-Semitic. The plate which said "NO ZOG" was apparently an acronym used by white supremacists which means "Zionist-occupied government" and expresses their belief that "the Jews occupy and control the government, as well as the media." But in an apparently bizarre effort to remain "even handed" the Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division then revoked the license plate of a Jewish man which read "I ? Humous." Humous lovers around the world were set to organize a protest. But then someone forgot the pita.

According to the New York Post, a gas station in an Orthodox neighbourhood in Brooklyn is now offering kosher goodies such as lox and bagels, challah, homemade gefilte fish, and best of all – cholent. Please – this is not the time to make jokes about "gas". This is an important issue. Case in point: Customer Esti Babiov, who says it all:

"Where else can you fill up your car and get kosher heimish [home-like] food while you're waiting?"

The answer Esti: nowhere. And maybe there's a reason for that.

Arkansas State Senator Kim Hendren, a candidate for the U.S. Senate recently referred to Democratic Senator from New York Chuck Schumer as "that Jew." To his credit, Schumer said that he harboured no ill will against "that bald fat white guy."

Thanks to our own Marnie Winston-Macauley for tipping us off to this story: Joan Rivers, the 74 year old comedian recently completed a stint on a reality TV series. No it wasn't When Plastic Surgeons Attack. It was Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice where Ms. Rivers caused a little brouhaha when she likened one of her co competitors -- Annie Duke -- to Adolf Hitler. If anyone knows Joan personally, please pass on the following question to her: WHY?!?! Can a professional poker player really be compared to one of the most evil human beings of all time? Can we as a human race not make an agreement to stop comparing poker players to Hitler or people who make soup to Nazis? Do we need to get Ban Ki-Moon on the phone to ink an agreement? Get the UN involved? Wait a second...that might just make things worse.

Of course, it's nice to see the team at the Jews Report back, along with the one and only Yisrael Campbell. In response to the many questions we have received, Yisrael would like us to clear up 2 things. 1. No those aren't peyos. They're just the start of a comb over, and 2. Yes Yisrael is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. He chants a beautiful haftorah.

That leads us to our final issue: a name. We hope to continue this new Jewlarious blog, but can't call it "New Jewlarious Blog." Imagine if your parents named you "New Child." So, we have come up with a few possible names, so let us know what you think of them or better yet, maybe you have a suggestion? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.

- Bloga Nagila
- The Jewlarosphere
- Blogalarious
- Other???

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