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A Chanukah February

May 8, 2009 | by

The forces of Goodness have prevailed! Celebrate and spin your dreidels!

Over 2100, during the Hebrew month of Kislev, a tiny group of Jewish soldiers fought a Goliath in the form of the Greek army. Miraculously, they prevailed. Today, during the Hebrew month of Shevat, a month known primarily for figs and carob, another miracle has happened. A tiny Jewish website (without naming names, let's say it rhymes with "Bewlarious") has taken on the cybertitans YouTube and World Poker Tour...and we have prevailed.

A tiny Jewish website has taken on the cybertitans YouTube and World Poker Tour...and we have prevailed.

Some context: A year ago, Jewlarious made a video called the World Dreidel Tour in honor of Chanukah and we put up our results on YouTube. Our video was burning up the internet like cyberspace itself was cleaning for Passover. But suddenly – an allegation from the World Poker Tour of copyright infringement and YouTube cowardly took our video down. We wrote a letter to the World Poker Tour begging them to reconsider, but they cold heartedly refused our request. It looked like the death of the dreidel was at hand (for more information about the Great Dreidel Tragedy click here.)

But wait. Just as our forefathers did in the days of yore, Jewlarious didn't give up. We decided to fight! We launched a YouTube petition, and with the help of three of our loyal Jewlarious readers who signed up (thanks Mom, Dad, and "Pepe") YouTube was forced to retract their vicious decision. Below is their humiliating letter of defeat that they sent to us.

From: Copyright Service (

To: Jewlarious

Dear Jewlarious,

In response to your DMCA counter-notification, WPT Enterprises, Inc. has retracted its copyright claim with respect to the following videos:

This content has been restored and your account will not be penalized.
Thank you for your patience.


The YouTube Team

Sometimes, miracles do come true.

Does the Almighty always answer our prayers? Yes. Is the answer sometimes "no"? Yes. But today, this week, this month, in this holy month of Shevat, God has said "yes" to your prayers – Mom, Dad, and Pepe. Yes, sometimes, miracles do come true.

So, today, with all that is going wrong in the world, it is nice to know that at least something is going right. Savor this victory, won't you? Sit back, relax, eat some figs, and watch a video about Chanukah in February.

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