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Purim Headlines

May 8, 2009 | by

What the Jewish newspapers would look like if the world was upside down.

Purim is the holiday where things are turned on their head. After all, the wicked Haman was hanged on the very same gallows that he built for his arch enemy Mordechai. To add insult to injury Mordechai ended up taking Haman's old job as chief advisor to King Achashverosh. Some commentators say Mordechai even inherited Haman's old baseball card collection. With that in mind, we at Jewlarious began to wonder what the Jewish world would look like if it was indeed upside down. If you picked up the newspaper, you might find something like this.

If you have any "Purim Headlines" please add them in the comments section provided below.

"Purim Headlines" -- if the world were upside down.

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