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For Just One Week

May 9, 2009 | by Rabbi Yaakov Salomon

What would you like to do for just one week?

…I'd like to eat whatever I please - without even having to think about it - and then find that I've lost 12 pounds.

…I'd like to abolish the expression, "I don't know." Deprived of these 3 words of simplistic surrender, we would be forced to actually think more, and speak our mind even when we're afraid to.

…I'd like to meet and pick the minds of the 10 greatest Jews alive today. I'd ask them great philosophical questions and maybe even understand their answers. I'd ask them what it was, that made them who they are. I'd ask them who their true role models were and are. And I'd ask them very personal questions, for all the right reasons, without having to fear that I was trespassing.

…I'd like to offer genuine constructive criticism to my loved ones without having to wonder if I was hurting them.

…I'd like to welcome their constructive criticism of me and have me accept it without feeling slighted or rejected…too much.

…I'd like to read 90% of my ever-climbing must read pile. I am convinced that ensconced in that 'holy' collection lays invaluable facts and insights that can significantly enhance my life.

…I'd like to pray as if my life really depended on it…because it does.

…I'd like to learn Torah with incredible clarity. To me, that means fully comprehending the nuances of the subject matter to such an extent that I can also readily apply it to my day-to-day life and even use it to help others.

…I'd like to abolish all of the media. I mean ALL of it. I'm curious what the lack of exposure to murders, catastrophes, gossip, traffic, corruption, oil cartels, profanity, steroids, gas prices, junk bonds, Madonna, euthanasia, rap music,
0% financing, immorality, unemployment, the UN, focus groups, newfound diseases, drug lords, blacktooths/blackberries, Star Wars XXVIII, talk radio, bad breath, taxes, discrimination, George Steinbrenner, athlete's foot, 'reality' shows, and insurance commercials will do for my soul. I think I know the answer to that.

…I'd like to eliminate every clock in the universe. Must we constantly be held prisoner by time?

…I'd like to be unencumbered so I can really bond with my kids and my grandchildren.

…I'd like to see every single one of God's creations (that includes people, plants, emotions, and mangos) as just that - inventions of the Divine. I have a feeling that 7 days of this brand of sacred immersion just might change me forever.

…I'd like to write seven perfect articles that speak the truth about purpose, meaning, and life's priorities.

…I'd like to have enough money to experience what it's like to make a difference in the lives of a poor family.

…I'd like to finally understand music. That means figuring out what really makes a melody or a rhythm beautiful, how to compose, and why certain note combinations are harmonious while others sound like screeching chimps on a summer fast day.

…I'd like to be rid of any vestige of fear that lurks deep inside me.

…I'd love to see the friends that I cherish who are so ill, be able to enjoy life like they used to.

…I'd like to be stuck in traffic and not care.

…I'd like to meet Jeremiah…Daniel….Ezekiel…just to feel what it's like to be in their presence.

…I'd like to feel free to cry whenever I needed a really 'good one.'

…I'd like to see my father again, thank him the way I should have, respect him the way he deserved, and show him the love that I could never adequately express.

…I'd like to live in a world where being judgmental would be punishable by law.

…I'd like to live in the Temple Era - 1st, 2nd, especially the 3rd. After that, I would write about it…and never have to wonder what to write about again.

…I'd like to pretend that every day was Purim.

…I'd like to feel what it's like to have a sister.

…I'd like to have all my philosophical questions answered. Truthfully, there aren't that many. And I bet that once one or two of them is answered, the rest of them won't be questions any more.

…I'd like to remember all my dreams and understand them too.

…I'd like to understand baby talk.

…I'd like to learn the true meaning of "Serve God with total joy."

What would you like to do for just one week?

One week goes by very quickly.

It seems like there is a lot to do.

What are we waiting for?

Let us know what you'd like to do for just one week in the comment section below.

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