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New Release: Evil Kanevilstein and the Jewish Daredevils

May 9, 2009 | by Jeff Danis

Coming soon to a synagogue near you.

JEWLARIOUS SATIRE: Riding the success of a recently released movie about a bunch of guys doing crazy stunts, producer Leonard Epstein is proud to offer a similar movie with a Jewish twist: Evil Kanevilstein and the Jewish Daredevils.

The five members of the cast include Michael Rabinowitz, Stuey Lemkowitz, Arthur Berg, Ron Queen, and Harry Harmann. The movie's stars declare that they are more than just crazy -- they are "meshuga."

Stuey Lemkowitz who goes by "Evil Kanevilstein" and is the group's de facto leader, sums up the project by saying, "We're sick of people looking at Jews as weak and sickly. We want the world to know that Jews can be crazy and reckless just like the gentiles."

Oh, and they can. Their stunts are unthinkable. In one clip, they go out on a crisp autumn day without their jackets. In another, they eat a huge meal and then swim just ten minutes later. With stunts like these, it's no wonder that the group is being billed as the world's only Jewish daredevils.

Rabinowitz, Kanevilstein's understudy and best friend, explains that their upbringing is the cause of their wild ways. "We've been doing crazy stuff since Hebrew school. We used to do things like run around with a pair of scissors. And I remember one time we went to the bathroom and wet our hair and then walked outside right away -- with our hair soaking wet! Do you realize the severity of the colds we could've have gotten?" Their mothers do.

Although they're proud of their sons' rising fame, the casts' mothers wish their boys didn't feel the need to perform such extreme stunts. Arthur Berg's mother, Nadine, says that she has trouble watching her son's stunts in the movie. "It's very hard for me. I look away a lot. When Artie did that one stunt where he went to the beach without sunscreen, I screamed in the theater. I'm proud of my son, but sometimes I ask myself why can't he be like other Jewish boys?"

Why? Arthur says it's because he's a risk taker. "I love the adrenaline that comes with the stunts. When I'm riding a bicycle without a helmet, I get this high. It's better than drugs, better than Manishevitz, it's better than anything."

Evil Kanevilstein and the Jewish Daredevils is being released in the beginning of 2007. Be on the lookout; it's coming soon to a synagogue near you.


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