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May 9, 2009 | by Jeffrey Dunetz

Here's one very concrete way you can help: It's time for Jews around the world to "Buy Israel."

I still remember my dad going out to get gas for his truck. He was carrying a book and a snack. The Gas Station was only around the block, next to the bus yard. Out my window I could see a long line of multi colored cars cutting through what looked like an endless sea of yellow school busses on either side. You see was 1973 and there was an oil shortage in the United States, getting gas was an adventure.

The oil shortage in the US caused havoc on the economy, it took years to get out of the recession. I think what it hurt most was the automotive industry. Fuel-efficient imports took market share away from US made cars. Some Americans fought back with a "Buy America" campaign. It urged Americans to purchase products made here to help the US economy.

Today, the Israeli economy though strong, is threatened. It's time for Jews around the world to "Buy Israel."

Since Arafat started his latest war against Israeli Jews eighteen months ago, an increasing amount of resources has had to be diverted toward security. On top of that, The PA's campaign of targeting civilians with terror has hurt tourism, a major part of the economy.

Beyond the visible terror, calls for boycotting Israeli products and product of companies that trade with Israeli are growing:

Showing their unfailing support for the Palestinian campaign of terror, the European community has tried to hurt the Israeli economy. This past November; the European Union showed its solidarity by increasing tariffs on Israeli products manufactured on the West Bank and Gaza, making them more expensive to purchase.

Beyond the Official European supported economic warfare, there are many Palestinian support groups urging a boycott of Israeli Products with varied success. In London this year, a British Arab organization CAABU led picketing outside Harrods department store and led them to ban Israeli products for a time, until Jewish organizations protested.

It is up to us in the Diaspora to make a concerted effort to support the Israeli economy.

Scottish Actor Richard Wilson has been campaigning to have Israeli-made products banned from supermarkets in Scotland, he has also called for a boycott of Israeli tourism, an end to UK firms' investment in Israel, and the cancellation of British government trade agreements with the country. He is also planning to lead protests against any store that has a product labeled made in Israel.

The growing call for a boycott is by no means limited to Europe. The Internet can lead you to sites from all over the world, imploring people from all to stay away from Israeli products.

Jews all over the world are about to celebrate Passover. This is a holiday that remembers that God took us out of slavery, unifying us as a people and ultimately gave us the Torah. As a people we will sit with our families at the Seder table just as we did the night before our redemption. We need to continue to act as a people when we leave the Seder table. One way is to help Israel fight this economic war. It is up to us in the Diaspora to make a concerted effort to support the Israeli economy. We must seek out and purchase Israeli made products. BUY ISRAEL. It only takes a little investigation.

To give you a head start, here are two sites that will give you lists of Israeli made goods:

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