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Don't Let More Successful People Lower Your Self-Confidence

May 26, 2009 | by

Your self-confidence is an inner attitude that depends solely on you.

Self-confidence doesn't mean that you have to be smarter, more talented, skilled, or successful than any other person. When it comes to self-confidence, you are not in competition with anyone else. Even if someone else is more self-confident than you, his self-confidence has nothing to do with your self-confidence. Life is not a competitive sport.

You don't need to outdo someone else to win in your "game of life." Life is not a race to see who is the fastest. Life is not a jumping contest to see who can jump higher. Life is a spiritual journey in which you connect with the Creator and your own inner spirit.

Even if you have limited your own self-confidence for a very long time by comparing yourself to others, you can proclaim your mental freedom at any moment. Those who have realized this experience a deep sense of relief.

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