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You Have Tremendous Ability to Do the Difficult

May 26, 2009 | by

  When we were young children, many things that adults could easily do were difficult for us. We might have complained to our parents, "This is so hard." Some parents might haven given in to the whining and let us stop trying. But in the long run, the parents, teachers, mentors, and coaches who understood what was possible for us and what wasn't really helped us grow, even if we didn't appreciate their encouragement when we were younger. But when we look back now, we realize that they helped us immensely.

  A person is very fortunate if he was told in childhood, "You have tremendous ability to do things that are difficult to do. You can now tell this  to yourself  even if you didn't hear it as a child. Upgrade your thought pattern and say to yourself, "You have tremendous ability to do things that are difficult to do."

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