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Moishe’s Texts

October 6, 2016 | by

Moishe ran a text book store on campus called Moishe’s Texts that was famous for doling out a little advice along with the semester’s new course materials.

One morning a student named Catherine entered the store, asking for the text book for her finance class in business school. Moishe pulled it off the shelf and gave it to her.

“How much do I owe you?” asked Catherine.

“One hundred and ninety five dollars,” replied Moishe.

“One hundred and ninety five dollars?!” Catherine exclaimed. “That’s insane! Can I at least make some of that back at the end of the semester if I sell the book back to you?”

“Sure,” said Moishe. “You get forty five dollars if you sell it back.”

Catherine sighed and gave Moishe her credit card.

“I didn’t take any fancy business school courses or anything, but if you ask me, someone who buys a text book for $195 and sells it back for $45 should automatically fail a course called ‘Finance’”.

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