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Encourage Focusing on Daily Highlights

May 30, 2016 | by

Everybody's life has many highlights. Those are special moments that can be special for a wide variety of reasons. You might have done something special. You might have met someone who is very inspiring or enlightening. You might have read an article or an excerpt from a book that impacted you deeply. Someone might have said something to you that you want to remember for as long as you live.

Some of the highlights of our lives we don't actually remember but we are certain they happened. Take for example the day that you took your first step. Parents are thrilled when we took our first step. We usually don't remember it ourselves, but the very fact that we are walking means that we took a first step.

The day that we said our first word is another highlight that now we don't remember but it was a highlight for our parents. And it's a major highlight in our own lives.

Imagine how positive your life could be if you focused daily on creating highlights and remembering them.

It's never too late to start a highlight list. Right now if you were to write down ten highlights, what would they be?

Encourage people to focus on their highlights by asking, "What are some of your recent highlights?" 


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