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Rivka Screams for Ice Cream

June 11, 2015 | by

Moishe and Rifka are a lovely elderly couple, both in their eighties. One day, Rifka says to Moishe, “Do you know what I’d like right now - an ice cream.”

“Then I’ll go get you one,” says Moishe.

“That’s sweet of you, dear,” says Rifka. “Go get a piece of paper so you can write down what I want. You know how bad your memory is these days.”

“Don’t you worry,” says Moishe, “I won’t forget – just tell me what you want.”

“I’d rather you wrote it down,” says Rifka.

“Please don’t argue,” says Moishe, “what do you want?”

“I want an ice cream cone with one scoop of raspberry ice cream. Please write it down.”

“I don’t need to. Do you want anything else?” says Moishe.

“Yes, I’ll also have a scoop of chocolate ice cream,” replies Rifka.

“Anything else?” says Moishe.

“Yes, I’ll have some butterscotch sauce on top of the ice cream. But are you sure you won’t write it down?” says Rifka.

“I don’t need to, honest. Now do you want anything else?” says Moishe.

“Well now you ask,” says Rifka, “I’d like a sprinkling of nuts over the sauce and to finish it off, a glace cherry on top. But will you remember all of that?”

“Yes, dear, stop nagging,” says Moishe and leaves to get the order.

50 minutes later Moishe comes back with a parcel. He goes straight to Rifka and proudly announces, “Darling, here’s the fish you asked for!”

Rifka looks in the parcel, then at him and says, “I knew you would forget something. So where are the chips?”


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