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Krav Maga in Montana

January 29, 2015 | by

Itzik Smadar left Israel for a year to do some contracting for his company in Montana, but he wanted to make sure that his young son Yoav was being educated in all things Israeli, including Krav Maga, Israeli self defense. He began by teaching him about punching. When Itzik would put up his hands, he would instruct Yoav to punch his hands with the fist and palm in the correct alignment according to Krav Maga teaching. They practiced this over and one. Itzik would put his hands up, Yoav would punch.

One day Itzik’s wife Liora took Yoav to a birthday party of one of the kids in Yoav’s class. It was at his family’s beautiful Montana ranch. When the birthday boy’s mother was handing out noisemakers she leaned over to Yoav, put her hands up and asked, "Would you like one too?"

Long story short, it took Liora a while to apologize. She did offer to cover the dry-cleaning bill though.

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