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Stricken with Grief

September 11, 2014 | by

90 year old Moishe is on his death bed. His wife Rochel and their three grown up sons are grief-stricken and have even called in their rabbi to say some prayers.

As they all huddle around Moishe's bed, Moishe suddenly asks, in a croaky voice, "Is my eldest son Avrahom here?"

"Yes dad," says Avrahom, "I'm here."

"And is my son Yosef here as well?" asks Moishe.

"Yes dad," replies Yosef, "I'm also here."

"And what about Shmuel, my youngest son," asks Moishe. "Where is he?"

"I'm here dad," replies Shmuel, "I'm standing right next to the bed looking at you."

"Well," croaks Moishe, "if Avrahom is here and Yosef is here and Shmuel is here, who's minding our store?!"

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