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Raising the Bar

August 7, 2014 | by

Itzik Smadar recently moved from Israel to America to work for a high tech firm and even though it was new to him, he would join his new co-workers for drinks after work.

One day a police officer caught Itzik staggering out of the bar towards the parking lot. “I’ll just wait until he pulls out and then I’ll pull him over for drunk driving,” the cop said to his partner.

The cop had no doubt about it, Itzik was as drunk as could be. After tripping over a rock and dusting himself off, Itzik slowly made his way towards his car swaying every which way. After opening the passenger side door by mistake, Itzik finally opened the right door and sat down heavily in the driver’s seat. After dosing off for a few minutes Itzik seemed to awake out of his drunken slumber and slowly put his keys in the ignition turning on the car. Itzik barely started pulling out before the cop turned on his sirens full blast and headed over to the car.

“Alright buddy” said the cop, “get on out and let me see you walk a straight line.” To the cop’s surprise Itzik easily walked a straight line. After passing the Breathalyzer test too, the cop was positively mystified.

“How’d you get sober so quick?” questioned the cop.

“Get sober?” responded Itzik with a smile, “I always was sober, I was just distracting you so all my drunken co-workers could escape without you noticing!”

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