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Bump in the Night

April 24, 2014 | by

John O’Reily was a respected police officer in Chicago, but he had a strange phobia. After a while he felt compelled to visit a psychiatrist, “I dunno Doc, every time I get into bed, I think there’s somebody under it.”

“Come to me three times a week for a couple of years, and I’ll cure your fears,” says the shrink.

“How much do you charge Doc?” asks the cop.

“My discount rate is only $200 a visit.”

The police officer says he’ll think about it.

Six months later, the police officer runs into the psychiatrist, who asks why he never came back.

“You know that Jewish butcher at Izzy’s Deli?” says the cop. “He cured me for $10.”

“Is that so! How?” asks the psychiatrist.

“He told me to cut the legs off the bed.”

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