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Love Isn’t Blind

November 6, 2013 | by

30 year old Moshe remains unmarried. His mother had passed away a few years earlier and he currently lives in a nice apartment just a few miles from his father Jacob. But then, out of the blue, Jacob visits Moshe and gives him some terrible news.

"Look Moshe," says Jacob, "It's important for you to find a wife as soon as possible."

"Why is that, dad?" asks Moshe.

"I'm sorry to have to tell you this son, but Doctor Levy has told me that I've got cancer and have only two years at most to live. So I'd love to see you get married before I pass away. Not only will you be doing a great mitzvah if you do this, but you'll also never ever have to worry about money because I've accumulated a very significant sum from my investment business - millions in fact. So please Moshe, please let me see you get married before I pass away."

With tears running down his face, Moshe hugs and kisses his father and says to him, "I'll really try dad, really. I promise."

A few weeks later, during a seminar on financial planning that he's attending Moshe notices the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and immediately falls in love with her. He goes over to her and says, "Hi, I'm Moshe and I've fallen in love with you. Would you like to tell me your name?"

"My name is Rebecca," she replies, smiling.

"What a lovely name," says Moshe. "So let me be honest with you Rebecca. You might think that I'm just your average guy, but let me assure you I'm not because in a year or two from now, my sickly father, whom I dearly love, and who lives on his own, is likely to die from cancer and when he does, I'm going to inherit millions of dollars."

They continue chatting and when it's time to depart, Rebecca asks Moshe for his business card. One month later, Rebecca became Moshe's stepmother.

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