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Forget Me Not

August 29, 2013 | by

Ethel and Herman Rosenbaum both just turned 90 and they were becoming worried that they were losing their memories. They visited a doctor who assured them there was nothing seriously wrong except old age. He suggested that they both carry a notebook and write things down so that they wouldn't forget.

Several days later, Herman got up to go to the kitchen. Ethel said, "Dear, get me a bowl of ice cream while you're up."

"Okay," Herman said.

"...and put some chocolate syrup on it and a few cherries, too," Ethel added. "You'd better write all this down."

"I won't forget!" Herman said.

Twenty minutes later Herman came back into the room and handed his wife a plate of scrambled eggs. Ethel glared at him. "Now, I told you to write it down! I knew you'd forget."

"What did I forget?" Herman asked.

Ethel replied, "My toast!"

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