YEARS:  1918 - 1923 - 1933 - 1937 - 1939 - 1940 - 1941 - 1942 - 1943 - 1944 - 1945
January 13, 1944 -- Eisenhower leaves to Europe to organize "overlord" Normandy operation. January 1944 -- Jewish underground in Budapest is set up. Forged documents workshop is formed. By the end of 1944, 10,000 people have been supplied.


January 13, 1944 -- "Report to the Secretary on the Acquiescence of This Government in the Murder of the Jews" is received by Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau Jr.

January 22, 1944 -- Roosevelt establishes War Refugee Board.

January 1, 1944 -- Southern California takes on Washington in the Rose Bowl and wins 29-0.
February 1, 1944 -- First Japanese territory invaded at Kwajalein.
March 19, 1944 -- German Army invades Hungary. March 1944 -- War Refugee Board evacuates 1,200 Romanian Jews, and moves 48,000 to shelter. March 1944 -- Horse racing is banned because of the war.


March 1944 -- Bing Crosby wins Best Actor in "Going My Way" by Leo McCarey, who wins Best Director.

April 1944 -- Maurice Richard of the Montreal Canadiens scores a record 50 goals in the 50 game season.
May 1944 -- In North Africa, the War Refugee Board opens the first refugee camp.

May 15, 1944 -- Deportation of Hungarian Jews to Auschwitz begins.

May 16, 1944 -- Rabbi Weissmandl sends out pleas to bomb camp and rail lines - based on his "Auschwitz Protocol" - a 31 page report from escapees' eyewitness accounts of Rudolph Verba and Alfred Wetzler.
June 5, 1944 -- Rome is captured intact by the 5thArmy.


June 6, 1944 -- Allied invasion of Normandy.

June 12, 1944 -- First V-1 rocket reaches London.

June 15, 1944 -- First B-29 test-raid on Japanese industrial cities is deemed satisfactory.

June 26, 1944 -- Port of Cherbourg falls to the Allies.

June 1944 -- U.S. War Department refuses to bomb railroad tracks between Hungary and Auschwitz.

June 6, 1944 -- Hanna Senesz, a Jewish girl originally from Hungary, who had immigrated to Palestine, parachutes behind German lines to connect with Hungarian and Slovak resistance fighters. Caught on the Hungarian border, she dies knowing that her mission has given strength to those suffering in the camps.

June 27, 1944 -- 476,000 are deported to Auschwitz since May 15.

June 1944 -- U.S. War Department turns down appeals to bomb rail links between Hungary and Auschwitz, after desperate appeals by the Jewish underground.


June 21, 1944 -- Mantello sends out Auschwitz Protocols through the British Exchange Telegraph and, two weeks later, 500 Swiss newspapers publish the story of 1,715,000 Jews being murdered.

June 26, 1944 -- U.S. Secretary of State Hull and Anthony Eden of Britain issue warnings to Hungary's Admiral Horthy. King Gustav of Sweden sends a personal protest. The International Red Cross finally takes an active interest in saving Jews.

July 25, 1944 -- "Breakout" from Normandy begins. July 7, 1944 -- Horthy stops Hungarian deportations. Captain Rothmund of the Swiss Alien Police modifies on paper severe regulations concerning refoulement (sending back refugees).


July 20, 1944 -- Abortive attempt on Hitler’s life by a group of Nazi officers.

July 24, 1944 -- Russians liberate the Majdanek extermination camp.

July 1944 -- DNA, the basic material of heredity, is isolated by Oswald Avery of the Rockefeller Institute.
August 7, 1944 -- German counterattacks at Avranches "bottleneck." Allies successfully defend advances and continue to sweep Brittany.


August 15, 1944 -- Anvil-Dragoon, U.S. 6th, 7th and French 1st Armies, attack Southern France and head toward Southern Germany.

August 25, 1944 -- Paris is taken by the Allies. General De Gaulle re-establishes a presence in the capital.

August 25, 1944 -- Germany Army by now has sustained 400,000 men killed, wounded or captured, plus 1,300 tanks, 1,500 artillery, and 3,500 aircraft destroyed.

August 16, 1944 -- U.S. War Department issues a statement that bombing Auschwitz would divert air power from "decisive operations elsewhere."


August 20, 1944 -- 127 Flying Fortress Bombers drop high-explosives on the factory areas at Auschwitz, less than five miles east of the gas-chambers.

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