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No Horsing Around

February 28, 2013 | by

A Chassidic Rebbe was known in his town for riding a very slow, lazy horse. He would travel around the town at a snail’s pace thanks to this horse but he never did anything to rectify the situation. Confused, his chassidim approached him.

“Rebbe,” the chassidim said. “Why do you travel with this slow lazy horse?”

“Well he’s my horse,” replied the Rebbe.

“So why don’t you whip him to make him go faster?” asked the chassidim.

“Because after 120 years, I don’t want the horse to sue me in the Heavenly Court.”

“Sue you?” asked the chassidim, astonished. “You are his owner. Would he have a strong case against the Rebbe?”

“A strong case, no,” replied the Rebbe. “But I wouldn’t want to get sued in the Heavenly Court by a horse.”

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