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1933 -- Cinema takes a leap forward when King Kong hits the movie theaters.
January 30, 1933 -- Appointment of Adolf Hitler as Reich Chancellor (Prime Minister).
February 22, 1933 -- Nazis burn Reichstag building and create a sense of crisis. As a result, emergency powers are granted to Hitler. February 1933 -- Stormtroopers actively create terror by beatings and attacks in Berlin as well as all over Germany.
March 24, 1933 -- Enabling Act is passed in German parliament, giving Hitler dictatorial power. March 20, 1933 -- Establishment of the first concentration camp in Nazi Germany, Dachau. March 1933 -- Bette Davis wins the Best Actress award for her performance in "Dangerous"; the Outstanding Production award goes to "Mutiny On The Bounty" by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


March 4, 1933 -- F. D. Roosevelt takes office as U.S. President.

March 12, 1933 -- FDR announces the "New Deal."

March 27, 1933 -- At a mass rally in New York's Madison Square Garden, Jewish leaders threaten a counter-boycott against German-made goods unless their anti-Jewish boycott is called off.

April 1, 1933 -- Boycott of Jewish shops and businesses.


April 23, 1933 -- The Gestapo is established.

May 10, 1933 -- Public burning of Jewish and anti-Nazi books throughout Germany.
July 14, 1933 -- Nazi party is declared the only legal party in Germany. July 1933 -- Germany passes a law for forced sterilization of those with "genetic defects."


July 14, 1933 -- East European Jewish immigrants are stripped of German citizenship.

Autumn 1933 -- Jews are banished from art, broadcasting, literature, music, theater, and the press. Jewish lawyers are forbidden to practice law. German-Jewish doctors are permitted to treat only Jewish patients. Jews are forbidden to own land.
October 19, 1933 -- Withdrawal of Germany from the League of Nations. October 1933 -- The New York Giants take the World Series in five games.

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