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Trust Me

January 13, 2013 | by

As he's out shopping, Moishe meets one of his customers. "So Abe," he says, "you know you still owe me $1000. When will I get it?"

"Don't worry, Moishe," replies Abe. "You'll get it first thing tomorrow morning."

"Oy vey, not again," says Moishe. "How am I supposed to trust you when I know you won’t keep your word? It's always tomorrow with you. I'm just sick and tired of hearing you say you'll pay me tomorrow, but then getting a follow-up phone call from you telling me that you haven't got enough money to pay me. Last week you called me and told me you couldn't pay. Last month you called and told me you couldn't pay. Three months ago you called and told me you couldn't pay. Six months ........."

"Enough already," interrupts Abe. "So didn't I keep my word each time?"

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