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What’s in a Name?

March 22, 2012 | by

Mr. & Mrs. Levy had two sons. They were brothers, of course. One brother was called MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and the other brother was called TROUBLE.

One day, the two brothers were playing hide and seek in the street and it was TROUBLE’s turn to hide. While MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS was counting to 100, TROUBLE ran down the street and hid inside a thick hedge.

Then MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS started looking for his brother. He looked behind some trees, he looked inside some cars parked in the street and he even looked under the cars, but he couldn’t find his brother. But when MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS started to look inside garbage bins, a policeman saw him doing this and came over to have a word with him.

The policeman said, “And what, may I ask, are you doing little boy?”

And the boy replied, “Playing a game.”

The policeman then asked, “What’s your name?”

And the boy replied, “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.”

The Policeman got angry and said loudly, “Are you looking for trouble?”

And the boy replied, “Yes.”

With that the Policeman put the boy in his police car and said, “Time to have a talk with your parents.”

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