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Bribery Shmibery

July 14, 2011 | by

Moishe owns a large plot of land in Brooklyn and is looking for a suitable developer to build a high class block of apartments on the land. After months of negotiation, Shmuley is officially informed by Moishe that his company has won the contract. Shmuley is absolutely thrilled.

"Thank you for putting your trust in me," says Shmuley. "You won't be disappointed."

"I'm sure I won't be," says Moishe.

"And to thank you for the very professional way you negotiated with me," says Shmuley, "I'm going to buy you a top of the line stainless steel refrigerator."

"Well that's kind of you, Shmuley," says Moishe, "but I can't accept the fridge. It might look like I'm accepting a bribe."

"I can understand your concern," says Shmuley, "so how about me selling you a fridge for $10?"

Moishe thinks about this offer for a while, then replies, "In that case, I'll take two."

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